Company Spotlight: Piedmont Asphalt

September 13, 2011

For those who have asked, FACES is well aware that W-L Construction and Paving on Carver Road in Fieldale has become Piedmont Asphalt and we are investigating. We have already compiled a good bit of information and contacted area officials. Hopefully they will not be a problem in the community, but we are prepared. As always if they need our references all they need to do is go across the street or call Roanoke.  So we say hello to  Douglas M. Dawson Vice-President and General Manager. Remember  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and the world would be a better place.

Government’s “Green” Initiative

August 17, 2011
“When leaders act contrary to conscience, we must act contrary to leaders” Veterans Fast for Life
An article published on on June 8 published the following comments attributed to Virginia Beach State Senator Frank Wagner:
“If this guy gives me money and that one doesn’t, who do you think I’m going to talk to? Who am I going to listen to?”
“You have money and want to buy a car. The other guy wants to buy a car, but doesn’t have any money. Who do you think I’m going to waste my time talking to? The one with money. I can’t help the other one and he can’t help me.”
“Now if the one with money says he wants to buy the red car, you think I’m going to try to sell him the green car? No I’m going to give him what he wants. He has the money.”
  While some may find his comments appalling, you must admire his honesty in telling us the truth about politics.
 Recently Congressman Morgan Griffith sent an email inviting people to a town hall meeting sponsored by “Americans for Prosperity”. The innocuous sounding name immediately raised red flags and we did some research. What we found was that this group had spent $111,497 to get Mr. Griffith elected according to the website, so it is no wonder he holds “town hall” meetings for them without identifying who they are.  That amount sure beats thirty pieces of silver. AFP is a tax exempt front organization for Koch Industries. You may ask who is Koch Industries and so what do we care?
Simple, environmental pollution.
Koch Industries was fined $35 million for an alleged 300 pipeline spills in six states from 1990 to 1997, adding up to 3 million gallons of crude oil leaking into ponds, lakes, streams and coastal waters.
In 1999, a federal jury found that Koch Industries had stolen oil from government and American Indian lands, had lied about its purchases more than 24,000 times, and was fined $553,504.
In June 2011, Americans for Prosperity placed fake eviction notices on people’s doors in the Delray neighborhood of Detroit. In 2010, Koch Industries was ranked 10th on the list of top US corporate air polluters. It has also been reported that automated messages supporting Virginia Uranium originated from AFP’s Richmond office.
At this point, one would have to ask which American’s prosperity do these people have in mind? We can also wonder why our representative is involved with a group who engaged in the shenanigans listed above.
As previously mentioned, we have called Rep. Robert Hurt’s office about concerns over his ”Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act” seeking more information. All the response received was a letter back about a bill on patents. A request to meet with him to discuss the bill sent through his website went unanswered.
How much do our representatives care about the environment?
Who do you think represents the people in establishing environmental regulation? Going back to Senator Wagner’s comments do you believe for one minute that wealthy corporations with lobbyists are really under all these “burdensome regulations” they cry about?
Repeated requests for comment were made to Mary Stafford from Congressman Morgan Griffith’s office but no reply was forthcoming.
“The life of the nation is secure only while the nation is honest, truthful, and virtuous.” Frederick Douglass

A World of Hurt?

May 23, 2011
Money Can’t Buy Health
 A recent Martinsville Bulletin article entitled “Hurt co-authors bill against regulation” states the following:
“If there is no state or local regulation in place, the EPA must determine that the type of dust or particulate matter in question causes adverse health effects and that the benefits of further EPA regulation outweigh the costs to the local and regional communitie, including economic and employment impacts.”
 Now that is pro-life isn’t it?
 A request made by phone to Rep. Robert Hurt’s office requesting a copy of the legislation went unanswered. Obviously this raises questions in our minds and we intend to get answers. A FACES member attempted to publish a letter in the Martinsville Bulletin on this topic when Mr. Hurt first came through the area pointing out the most extreme examples of regulations which he claimed unnecessary. It did not take Nostradamus to see where he was going as the above information illustrates. Unfortunately the letter (on this page) had those darn pesky facts in it, and it was close enough to being about a local issue that they wouldn’t print it.  A written request to meet with Rep. Hurt has also gone unanswered.
“The only wealth is life.” Henry David Thoreau

Letter the Martinsville Bulletin Is Afraid To Print

March 21, 2011

Letter from a FACES member sent to the Bulletin on 2-24-11. In spite of the fact that the subject was relevant to a Bulletin article of that week, and comments by a local elected official. The Bulletin wanted this letter to just go away. Why? The facts presented are documented. What is the problem? Oh well, newspapers will soon be a thing of the past and their little power base will be gone. Expect to hear from us in a big way very soon and the first of the cats will be let out of the bag.

Here is the letter, unedited and uncensored:

I found your recent article about Senator Robert Hurt and regulation of business very interesting. According to Sen. Hurt, “Obviously there are some areas that need to be regulated, but it needs to be done in a common-sense way.” I would like to expand upon this statement about situations that exist in our area.

For example there is clear evidence that some businesses located in the Fieldale area are causing effects on property outside of their site. Fieldale and Carver Environmental Society (FACES) has published a document from the Henry County PSA dated March 23, 2007 that The primary problem with this part of the system is the blasting shaking the lines causing what “will continue to be a problem until the service line feeding this customer is replaced”. The effects of blasting are being experienced off-site and the report noted that they would “see if there is any grant money” to fix the lines, possibly at taxpayer and PSA customer expense.
Ironically one company’s own receipts state “Warning Avoid Breathing Dust From This Product” as dust leaves their site and goes into the surrounding residential community and I have photographs and videos to prove this.
A document obtained under the Freedom of Information Act marked as not for public release revealed that an oil spill took place in August 2001 identifying an “anonymous” reporter as stating up to 40 gallons of hydraulic oil was spilled in the area of Jordan Creek with the “suspected responsible party” named as a Carver Road business. . Clean-up efforts appear to have consisted of dumping some sand and  attempting to dig the material up. What amount made it into the water is “unknown”.
In February of 2010 I gave the Henry County Board of Supervisors a written complaint about a company in a residential community operation loud truck traffic all night long, 7 days a week. I cited statements made by board members about noise from people’s barking dogs, and that people have to sleep and deserve a good night’s rest. I also pointed out how the board had assisted another community in confronting a “public nuisance’. In case you are wondering I had to call to request a response to my letter and what I received failed to address the issue. Needless to say I was unsurprised.
Other “regulations” consist of “self-monitoring”, “self-reporting” and “self-regulation” by businesses. Mr Hurt mentioned he wanted to  “look at regulations that aren’t working, that don’t make sense”. I would suggest that allowing one to “self-report” their environmental violations does not make sense any more than allowing people to do the same with their vehicle speed or income taxes.
Here are some facts about “self regualtion”.

FACT: The DEQ Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (VPDES) permit program relies primarily on the concept of permittee self-monitoring and reporting for compliance determinations.

FACT: Monitoring required by the permit is responsibility of the permittee. Some analysis is conducted by facility staff and some by third-party commercial laboratories.

FACT: Commercial laboratories performing testing pursuant to a VPDES permit are hired and compensated by the permittee.

FACT: There is no provision for assessment done by any independent third party, other than the facility itself or DEQ.

FACT: In terms of reporting water withdrawal, DEQ states “Each user is responsible for annually reporting the user’s name, address, sources and locations of withdrawal, cumulative volume of water withdrawn each month of the calendar year, maximum day withdrawal and the month in which it occurred, and method of withdrawal measurement. In addition, they are responsible for ensuring the reliability of the gauging device or methodology used to determine withdrawals”.

Due to space limitations I can not cite more but further information can be viewed at

Todd Woodall

Fieldale, VA



“You must be genuine with any expression of caring or empathy or the homeowner will know that you are fake.”

March 18, 2011

Thanks to our eagle-eyed reader who emailed us that the document that stressed this as the important point to remember had dropped off the web link. Interestingly enough the entire reference to the document has disappeared from anywhere online according to a google search. We just can’t let that happen so here it is again:

This is how they “handle” you if you have a complaint or concern. Be sure to ask for that “free ball cap” won’t you? And tell them FACES sent you. We know they’ll appreciate that.

P.S. the little surprise is moving along right on schedule.

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March 5, 2011

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March 5, 2011

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March 5, 2011

PSA Document

Highway ay Boxley Fieldale Entrance

News from the Moronic – We Get Comments

August 17, 2010

Comments sent through official Boxley channels apparently by Boxley Employee:

The following comment was received here at the FACES website. We thought we’d answer here instead of in the comments section so everybody can see it. First make note of the sections we have highlighted as you read below:


A new comment on the post "News of the Ironic - Dustinator 21" is waiting for 
your approval
Author : gwhite71 (IP: ,
E-mail :
URL    : 
Whois  :
Are you serious?  That's called FOG.  I can see that your site has some sort of 
bug up it's butt against Boxley, but come on!  Seriously?  How about posting 
something POSITIVE on your site for a change?  From everything I am reading 
there isn't anything good at all about Fieldale...
End Quote
 So Boxley officially says It is "fog". They say our site has a 
"bug up its butt" (classy).
Plus a commenter known as "gwhite" said it was 
"dust" in a comment he wrote on one of our
youtube videos.
  Mr White, here is something POSITIVE just for you:  
1. We are positive that a routine web search reveals that Mr. White 
sent his message from an IP address registered to Boxley 
in Blue Ridge, VA (see proof below).

 2. We are positive that isn't fog it is dust. Maybe you call it 
"fog" out in Vinton.

 3. We are positive this site bothers you guys.

4. We are positive that what is good about Fieldale is the people who make 
their homes here and deserve peaceful enjoyment of their property.

5. We are positive that We stand for them.

Now that we have told you what we are positive of, let's make some guesses.
“For entertainment purposes only”.
 A vision appears through the "fog". It appears to be a network engineer.

Next to him is Spongebob.

Music is heard is that "Type O Negative"? He appears to be carrying a Stephen King book

& dvd of "Clockwork Orange".

He looks to be right out of the TV show "Lost" and he probably enjoys 

"Gardening By the Yard". 

 Any lucky guesses in there? There’s plenty more if you want it.

 You gave your email and I.P. address yourself.

 Shouldn't someone in your job know better? 

 Now as to “bug up our butt”.

Could it be there is a “bug up your butt” because 

the best rebuttal you have to this site is to claim 

dust is fog??

Maybe the “bug up your butt” is the PSA document your 
comapny hasn't addressed.

Or the DEQ Notice of Violation & penalty check your bosses 
told the newspaper you did not have?

With all the published facts on this site the best you can 
come up with is claiming dust is “fog” and using phrases 
like “bug up its butt”.

You corporate types are so eloquent. 
So here’s a phrase for you “got your panties in a bunch?

Thanks for the comment officially through Boxley's IP address.

We consider it an official statement based upon this evidence.

IP address traces directly to Boxley

Sunny Day, Blue Sky and all that "fog"?? going straight up into the sky.

Asphalt Plant Fire: Public Endangerment??

June 9, 2010

How did they forget the man trapped in his car?

Thanks to our many shrewd readers who have emailed to point out the inconsistent versions of the fire incident at W-L Construction and Paving as provided by the same source at the county. He also acknowledges “Henry County Public Safety did not respond to this incident”. And further states that  “The incident occurred on private property not the state maintained highway.” We suppose that depends upon what you define as being the “incident”. We have been questioning the potential threat to public safety both in terms of fire at an asphalt plant allowed to operate in a residential area. Also whether the “incident” or its aftermath placed any member of the public in danger.

So, “no citizens on the public road were involved”? And response from Public Safety was not made nor requested?

As pointed out in our previous article below there are dangers associated with fire and asphalt. In addition to the facts cited in that article, we would like to add the following facts:

“There are two main hazards associated with asphalt:

  • Fire and explosion hazards, and
  • Health hazards associated with skin contact, eye contact, and/or inhalation of fumes and vapors.

Most of the fire and explosion hazard associated with asphalt comes from the vapors of the solvent mixed into the asphalt, not the asphalt itself.

Asphalt fumes are created when asphalt is heated. Fumes contain very small, solid, airborne particles which are easily inhaled by the worker. Inhalation of asphalt fumes can cause irritation to the nose, throat, and lungs. Fumes may also contain hydrogen sulfide vapors, which are very toxic, as well as the vapors generated by the solvents used to “cut” the asphalt.

Vapors from solvents that are used to “cut” asphalt can also present serious health hazards. The solvent vapors generated by heating asphalt are often more toxic than the asphalt fumes themselves. Solvents will evaporate out of the mix at a wide range of temperatures. Heating of the asphalt mix speeds up the evaporation process. The faster the solvent evaporates, the easier it is to inhale.”


So was public safety of the residents in the community not an issue?
Now here comes the kicker.
FACES is in possession of a hand written and signed account given by a resident of the community that he was pinned in his vehicle on Carver Road entangled in live electrical wires for some time. As back-up to his claim we have a copy of the police report and a paid insurance claim to the man pinned in his vehicle by the party named on the police report.
Yet each different official version of what occurred, omits a man trapped in his car by live electrical wires on a public highway from the incident at the facility?

Is there more to this than we are being told?

Why did nobody mention the man in the car??


Keep checking back for further developments.